GB 0101 Campsite – Campsite Plan

The campsite plan of “Bijou du Doubs”

The following map shows a schematic representation of our campsite. It is not intended to be a true-to-scale reproduction, but to give you an overview of the location of the pitches, the sanitary facilities and the supply points.

We have not been able to show the two “levels” of the site:

The first level is the flat, mainly sandy part of the site between the Doubs and the main road through the campsite, i.e. chalets C1 and C2, pitches 01 to 29, 31, 32 and – since the 2023 season – the new pitches 47 to 52.

The second level is about 1 to 1.2m higher and is also flat with an earthy-gravelly ground. It includes pitches 30 and 33 to 46 as well as the mobile homes M1 to M6.